Welcome to the Seishin Warrior Center!

The Seishin Warrior Center offers training in ninpo (ninjutsu), Japanese ju-jutsu, modern self-defense, and more. The martial arts training offered to our students are unique for a number of reasons.

We teach authentic ninpo, sometimes called ninjutsu. This system of martial arts has a history extending back thousands of years, teaching traditional warrior methods of unarmed and armed defense. Our training focuses not only on how to learn these techniques but also how to apply them in a modern sense.

We consider ourselves a "semi-private" dojo. This means that we're not driven by having as many students as possible, but making sure we have quality students. At the Seishin Warrior Center we work hard to maintain an ego-free, hardworking, and safe environment for our students to excel in. We're driven by our passion for training in our martial art.

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